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Terms And Conditions For The Fashion Academy

  1.  For the purpose of these general terms and conditions, lizuniquecouture Fashion school shall be referred to as ‘the Academy’.
  2. The enrollment fee is payable upon registration and the Tuition fee is payable not less than 30 days before the start of the relevant course. Payment can be made only in cash or bank deposit to the account indicated by the Academy. The Academy will issue the student with a confirmation of payment, but, in case of bank payment, only upon receipt by the academy of confirmation from its bank. The academy may at its sole discretion, exclude from any course and/or examinations any registered student who fails to pay the applicable tuition fee within the period stated above or any other period that may be agreed with the Academy.
  3. The enrollment fee is not refundable unless the Academy decides not to grant the student a place on the relevant course. Cancellation will only be accepted if made in writing to the Academy. If cancellation occurs not less than 60 days prior to the start of the relevant course, the Academy shall refund 100% of the tuition fee, 80% of the tuition fee will be refunded if cancellation occurs not less than 30days prior to the start of the relevant course; If cancellation occurs at any time thereafter, no part of the Tuition fee will be refunded.
  4. Specific information such as the duration of the courses shall be communicated to the student upon registration. Examinations must be taken at the end of the relevant course. No student, that misses classes, shall be allowed to take examinations after the end of the relevant course and the Academy shall not in this case issue any final certificate of attendance or final diploma to the student.
  5. Attendance is compulsory. No student shall be allowed to take examinations unless he/she attended at least 80% of the lessons. No final certificate shall be issued unless students maintain the required record until the end of the course and achieves the required pass mark in the examinations.
  6. By enrolling on any course offered by the academy, students agree to comply fully with the disciplinary rules of the Academy as this represents a condition of the agreement between students and the Academy. Compliance with the disciplinary rules shall involve a good attendance record, a rigorous respect of the schedule of lessons and a responsible attitude towards the staff of the academy and any equipment within the academy allows students to use. Failure to adhere fully to these rules may result in disciplinary measures being taken against the offending student (which for the avoidance of doubt may involve the expulsion of the student from the relevant course). To the fullest extent permitted by the Nigerian law, the institute reserves the right to claim damages in relation to any loss caused by the student.
  7. Courses are organized according to the schedules, dates and programs established by the teachers appointed by the academy, which reserves the right , at any time, to amend any aspect of the course as may be necessary.
  8. With regard to Nigerian law concerning the protection of personal data, students agrees to the academy processing the personal data contained on this form or other personal data which the academy may obtain from students or third parties from time to time (including any sensitive personal data as defined in the law), for any purpose connected with their studies and for the purposes of the administration and management of the academy, its business and students and for compliance with applicable laws, procedures and regulations. This data shall be retained and processed in accordance with the law.
  9.  Each program’s duration last for 6-9 months. Any student that fails to complete studies within this period may (in writing) request for a one month extension grace period. Extensions will only be permitted on merit basis. After the grace period, any student that still fails to complete the program will be asked to pay another tuition as penalty charge.
  10. The construction, interpretation and performance of this agreement are governed by Nigerian law and the parties hereby agree that the Nigerian courts in Nigeria shall have the sole jurisdiction over any dispute arising out of this agreement.