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Reasons To Study At Lizuiniquecouture Fashion Academy

  1. Direct contact:
    The Fashion Instructors interact with the trainees one on one, they work according to the pace of the trainee
  2. Machines and facility set up:
    We make use of industrial sewing machines; we have a stand by generator set to ensure that there is constant power supply We provide enough space to work, without being cluttered and packed. We also provide high chairs so trainees can be comfortable while sewing
  3.  Peaceful environment:
    Lizuniquecouture Fashion Academy is fully equipped with healthy/modern infrastructures to ensure a calm,untroubled and tranquil environment for learning
  4. Certification and awards:
    A certificate is issued in full fulfillment to completion of the curriculum; course work, practical, assignments which are done under supervision by the director and instructors. This certificate is recognized worldwide. An award plaque is issued to the outstanding trainee
  5. Trainees work in less than 6 months:
    We have great instances trainees who did a fashion course with us and already produce great outfits and own their own fashion label
  6. Entrepreneurship and branding:
    This course has been established for trainees on intermediate program, This course helps to solve problem on how to set up your business as a fashion designer,brand your business,to generate new customers and increase your business value
  7. Celebrations:
    Lizuniquecouture fashion academy is one big every holiday and birthday events is celebrated with the trainees. Every trainee is cherished and every sweet memory is captured
  8. Security:
    Lizunique couture fashion academy cares and will cater for the security of our trainees, that is why we have put in place, up to standard security equipment to ensure 24/7 maximum security within the premise.